Please find the terms and conditions for the company below.

The following are terms and conditions for all the taxi companies, these are here to protect the company, the drivers and the passengers.

  1. The company is responsible for the customers booking being given to the driver at an adequate time unless the customer has not given the company the trip in adequate time.
  2. The driver is responsible for being at the 1st pick up location on time, as long as the booking has been despatched to the driver in adequate time, and the above has been adequate.
  3. Anyone soiling the vehicle will be charged the rate of £100 plus £15 per hour that the vehicle would have normally been operating, the vehicle will need more than just a vacuum and instead a full deep clean will be needed, this will mean the vehicle will be out of action for around 24 hours, soiling includes but not limited to vomit, feaces, urine & blood.
  4. Anyone who damages any vehicles will be charged the full cost of repairs please £15 per hour that the vehicle is out of action, £15 x 24 hours is £360 per day, if the vehicle will be out of service for more than a week then a hire taxi will need to be paid for, varies according to vehicle, this along with any other charges will have to be paid for, this maybe claimed of your insurance, and any additional charges for loss of earnings will be made too.